HP 842 1075mm Pallet Intelligent Rack BW917A Do you need better intelligence on your datacenter's power and cooling, and server location and identity? The HP Intelligent Series Racks, with optional Location Discovery Services sends the rack identification number and precise U location to the servers. This provides important location information to iLO and HP Insight Control Software along with server power and temperature data, allowing you to place workloads more efficiently. Manual, error-prone asset management is removed because servers that can now self-identify and inventory themselves. HP Power Discovery Services is also available. Using an HP Intelligent PDU and HP Platinum Plus 94% efficient common slot power supplies, HP Power Discovery Services reduces power configuration errors and precisely tracks power usage by rack and by server, removing the need for manual power topology record keeping. The HP Intelligent Series Racks have an industry-leading 81% open area door design.  




Wall Mount Cabinet
Rack Units
Form Factor:19" 42U Rack-mountable

Dimension & Weight

Unit Dimension
Height:79.0" x Width:23.5" x Depth:44.3"
Unit Weight
304.00 lb

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